2" Rapture Redi Cross ~ Gold Edition. Is a 14kt Solid Gold Prophecy Cross that has the Biblical backing of Scripture that tells the Story of Prophecy to share with the believers, the mockers and the scoffers. Cost of this item is $1400.00 













Congratulations in your Acknowledgment of your Belief in Christ; and His Return for His Bride (the True Church). The Rapture Redi Cross, is a confirmation and a symbolic positive reaction to God's Last Command of COME UP HITHER in Hebrew. But Most Important of all, the Rapture Redi Cross is the Conversation Piece that Christ desires to initiate to one and all.

"Take up my Cross and Follow Me". . .I heard my Master say! Such a strong statement that was made so many years ago that will echo in the hearts and minds of Those left behind. The Rapture Redi Cross, was made for that day and Now Prior to His Glorious Return. In view of this gift and ministry now and after; my only request for the Owner, is to contact your local jeweler, and to put him in the business of Engraving your name to the back of the Cross. So on that Glorious day, others may follow His Command of PICK UP MY CROSS AND FOLLOW ME!

The Cross, is made in Solid Sterling Silver or Solid 14kt Gold, and naturally Made in the USA!

When Jehovah God, kicked Lucifer and his fallen angels from heaven; it was backed for the reasons of LUST that stands to this very date (Isaiah 14:12-15. Lucifer, Lusted and has desired to claim the Power and Creation of God as well as to be Worshiped as GOD. Although being Counterfeit; Satan's evil lust continues in Cults and False Religions. In View of Lucifer's Lust to Claim God's Creation; the Rapture Redi Cross was produced for Mass Production to issue to Lucifer a deadly blow day by day by the Conversations it will Produce. Whether or not a Cross is purchased, it is the Conversation of this World in every language to the believer, mocker or scoffer to talk about. And from the Conversation, comes the Acknowledgment of the Creator in HIS Last Command of COME UP HITHER in every language to be conversed Worldwide.

The Rapture Redi Cross, is a Conversational Prophecy Cross that symbolically tells the story that is to come for the believers to leave behind for the LOST to PICK UP MY CROSS AND FOLLOW ME! The Cross here, is an extension of Christ to the unbeliever to follow. For Christ, never intended for ANY soul including Hitler as well as many undesirables to enter HELL. HELL, was created for Satan and his minions. In Closing, once the Rapture of the Church takes place, an Anti-Christian group of terror will claim the Responsibility of the Power of God to the World outside of merging the Truth with falsehoods of Blasphemy and Communism.